atlanta painting renovation

Painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your Atlanta, GA home. But choosing the right colors often takes time and effort, as you seek to express your style in a way that looks just right.

Fortunately, we have three simple tips to make choosing the right colors easier.

41. Consider the elements4

Before choosing a paint color, take stock of the key elements of your room such as size and lighting. You can bring a sense of coziness to a large, brightly lit room with darker, enclosing colors. While smaller or poorly lit spaces benefit from lighter, expansive shades.

Also keep in mind that fluorescent lighting will compliment cooler tones, while incandescent lighting is better suited to warmer colors.

2. Establish your mood

Another important aspect to consider is what mood you want to achieve in a particular room. If you’re looking for a calmer, elegant atmosphere, choose soft, cool color swatches. Or elicit energy and fun by going with a bright, warm palette.

Want a mix of both? Pick a primary mood color, then add a contrasting pop using a complementary color situated opposite on the color wheel.

3. Pick a pattern

Did you know you likely have an expertly designed color palette already in your home? Pull colors from a much-loved throw pillow, rug or piece of art for inspiration.

Or, choose a primary wall color based on which color you see most among your favorite pieces.

For more tips on choosing the right paint colors for your Atlanta, GA home, contact an Upturn Painting & Renovation expert at (678) 671 0031 online here.