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It’s amazing how we can get so used to seeing something that it barely even registers anymore. The exterior of your Duluth house is one of those things. You may glance at it on your way by, look at it a bit while you’re mowing and think about it once in a long while. But is that enough?

What’s going on with your Duluth, GA home’s exterior?

When is the last time you actually took the time to walk around the house and examine it? If your paint or stain is faded, outdated or peeling, or if your siding is damaged, it’s probably time to think about talking to an expert at Upturn Painting & Renovation. A professional examination will quickly tell you exactly what is needed to help your house look its best.

Can’t my house painting wait another couple years?

As a homeowner, procrastinating on renovating your house exterior can be a real gamble. Here are 3 reasons why you need to seriously consider getting your home exterior work done right away this summer:

1. Combat the effects of moisture

Time combined with moisture can be a lethal enemy to the exterior of your house. Moisture can lead to mildew damage and can erode even the best paint or stain job from years past. As one of your largest financial investments, your house needs to be protected from damage and decay. A proper preparation will be to address the moisture damage before proceeding with the new paint or stain application. The professionals at Upturn Painting & Renovation are experts at this process and will make sure your house is water tight and ready to face the winters and springs ahead.

2.Increase your curb appeal

As a homeowner, you can’t overestimate the value of your curb appeal. First impressions are a way of life in our country, and if your house exterior has an outdated color scheme, a worn and peeling coat of paint or damage from past storms, your curb appeal can be adversely affected. Conversely, if you make some small improvements and have the exterior painted or stained, you will be amazed at the positive results. Our team can help you determine the right improvements and colors for the style of house that you own.

3.Maximize your return on investment

The money you invest in a new exterior paint job can provide you with an impressive return on investment. By preserving the integrity of the siding against the elements and by increasing your curb appeal, a new application of paint or stain can really pay off when it comes to return on investment. Having an attractive and well-kept house that people have admired for years can make all the difference when it comes time to sell.

Trusted Home Painting Experts in Duluth, GA

If it has been several years since your last exterior home improvement, it’s time to call the seasoned painting professionals at Upturn Painting & Renovation in Duluth, GA, and let us give you a free estimate. Call us today at (678) 671 0031 or email us to set up an appointment for your initial consultation and let us go to work bringing you top services in weather proofing, increased curb appeal and positive return on investment for your renovation efforts.