atlanta painting renovation

Are you tired of the same, old look you’ve lived in for years, or intimidated by the work needed to update an older Alpharetta, GA home purchase?

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a difference. Try these 3 affordable renovation tips to make your older Alpharetta, GA home look new.

1. Apply fresh paint

Painting walls is an easy, affordable upgrade to make an older home look new. And don’t forget to refresh your classic whites: ceilings, doors, moldings and the trims. A clean coat will give them a crisp pop that’s immediately noticeable.

2. Update fixtures and accents

You don’t need a large budget to enhance your older home’s kitchen and bathrooms. Focus on updating small fixtures and accents with a big, visual punch. Replace faucets, toilets and hardware on cabinets and drawers with modern upgrades. As well as update overhead lighting, opting for energy-efficient fixtures.

3. Makeover your woods

Can’t afford a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity overhaul? Give your existing units a fresh look with a new paint or stain. Dark wood stains applied to tired oak cabinets give an instant, rich pop against light walls. While a white coat of paint added to a vanity brightens the room with a chic, modern feel.

And stains aren’t restricted to cabinets. Refinish your wood floor instead of replacing, and choose from a variety of stain options to change up the look.

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